Worship at College Hill

What can you expect when you join us for worship at College Hill Church? Here are some basics. 
We encourage you to come just as you are.  That means if you are most comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans, no problem.  If on the other hand, you feel more comfortable coming to church in a suit and tie or a fancy dress with an equally fancy hat, that’s great too. The point is to be yourself. Rest assured that you will be accepted for who you are, no matter what you wear.
Children are always welcome. Children and youth are an important part of our community of faith. So we don’t have any rules about how they may participate in any of our worship services. After the “Time for Children” in the 10:30am service, school-aged children and youth are excused to head upstairs for their own Sunday School classes if they are so inclined. But they can stay for the rest of worship with the adults if that seems like a better fit. The 3rd Sunday of every month is “Youth & Young Adult Sunday” and all the kids stay for the entire service rather than leaving for Sunday School. 
During service we also provide optional nursery care for infants to pre-schoolers. If you prefer to keep your child/children in worship with you, we offer “busy bags” to help keep younger kids occupied if they become restless. Just ask an usher for one as you come in.
We are a diverse congregation, and so is our worship. Authentic worship is a meaningful expression of praise for who God is and thanks for what God has done. Those expressions can be as varied as the people who call College Hill Church home.  So our worship tends to be a little eclectic. We may sing the Gloria Patri, a gospel spiritual, a contemporary worship song, and a hymn in Spanish all in one worship service.
Some people prefer a more formal and reserved approach to worship, and tend to sit quietly in the pews. Others find themselves moved to lift their hands toward heaven, shout out ‘amen’ and ‘hallelujah’, and/or dance and clap with the worship music. All of it is good, because all of it glorifies God. Wherever you fall in the spectrum of worship styles, you can worship your way at College Hill.
We serve Communion the 1st Sunday of every month. Everyone is invited to partake in our celebration of the Lord’s Supper. You don’t have to be a member of College Hill Church, a Presbyterian, or a member of any church for that matter.  All you need is to believe in Jesus Christ and desire to “do this in remembrance of me”, as Jesus instructed his disciples that night in the upper room.

10:30am Worship (Bilingual)

Our 10:30 worship is pretty unique!
The service is dynamic and provides the opportunity for diverse expressions of thanks and praise to God.  While not every element of worship will resonate with everyone all of the time, the goal is to ensure a meaningful worship experience for all participants. And it’s the focus on exalting God that makes it cohesive.
To begin with, the liturgy is spoken in both English and Spanish. The sermon and other elements of worship are simultaneously translated into Spanish and transmitted via wireless headsets for those who need it. This is a core part of our commitment to inclusive and integrated ministry.
The music is varied and may include traditional, gospel, folk, and contemporary selections. The service features the College Hill Community Church Choir, as well as special music offerings by members and friends. It also includes one Spanish hymn/worship song that is led by a diverse group of singers from the congregation and the choir.  We stick with the same song for the entire month so the whole congregation has the opportunity to learn the words and feel comfortable singing it. The verses alternate between English and Spanish so all can understand. 
We also have a “Time for Children” that encourages all of the kids to participate (even the little ones from the nursery join us for a few moments at this time). It includes a brief message in an interactive format and ends with an invitation for one or more of the children offer a closing prayer for the group. Sometimes, a child or youth ministers to their peers and the congregation as a whole by serving as the giver of the message. (Remember how we said everyone is a minister at College Hill Church?)
On some Sundays we have something extra like a poetry reading, skit or short play, liturgical dance by the College Hill Church Praise Dancers, a spirit-filled (and window-rattling) drum performance by our brothers from Burundi, or a special presentation by one of our ministering units. We also do special things around certain holidays like our “Tres Reyes” (Three Kings) celebration on Epiphany Sunday, our Kwanzaa celebration, and our Christmas Cantata.
If you join us for worship, be prepared to be wonderfully surprised!  We hope you’ll stick around for our Fellowship Hour so we can get to know you better. Every Sunday, we meet downstairs after the  worship service for refreshments and friendly conversation.  We also have special events and celebrations from time to time during the Fellowship Hour.