Online Adult Sunday School, Beginnings. A study of the Call of God in Genesis. Kerygma materials. Review of “early Genesis”.

Adult Sunday School. “Beginnings: A Study of the Call of God in Genesis” using Kerygma’s study guide.

Review of Chapters 1-5 of the study guide, Genesis, 1:1 – 11:29   The Sovereign Call of God. This is “early Genesis” before the Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph)
  1. Creation
    1. Genesis 1:1- 2:4a. Written by the Priestly (P) writers
    1. Genesis 2:4b – 2:25. Written by the “Yahwist” or (J) writers.
  1. Adam, Eve, God, the snake and the fruit: Genesis 2:4b – 3:24.
  2. Cain, Abel and God. Genesis 4.
  3. Noah and the Flood. Genesis 6-9.
  4. The descendants of Noah, the Tower of Babel. Genesis 10 and 11

Kerygma suggests that these stories are best seen not as science, history or mythology, as we use the terms in our lives today, but as theological affirmation of God’s relationship with God’s creation, which is both sovereign and gracious.

Theologian Walter Brueggeman says that Genesis

  1. Concerns God’s promise;
  2. Consists of diverse narratives that have become the canon of the Christian and Jewish communities;
  3. Takes place through story telling, characterized by the scandal of concreteness, the freedom if imagination, and the passion of the hearing.


Today Genesis is often used to discuss science, modernity, whether the Bible is literal and historical truth, often to preserve or challenge status quos of culture, respect, power and influence in our society.

However the authors, hearers and readers of Genesis were concerned with these questions, as we are too

Where did everything come from? What does God want from creation? Why are people alienated from God and each other? Why is there evil?  How does God interact with creation? Why are there divisions among people?  What about human freedom as opposed to obedience to God?  Why is their sexuality and shame about nakedness?  Is God loving, or judgmental, or both? Does God change?

What do the Genesis stories tell you about these questions?

The adult Sunday School class meets in Room 104 Sunday mornings starting at 9:45. Next will be Chapter 6, Abraham, the embraced call of God. Genesis 11:30 to 25:18