Who are the Ministers at College Hill Church?

The answer may surprise you.
Each and every person in the congregation is a minister at College Hill Church. It says so right on our worship bulletin! We believe that God creates everyone with a unique set of gifts, passions, and concerns. And we believe that God intends for them to be used to advance God’s Kingdom on earth.
Sound a little intimidating?  It won’t be once you understand what it means to “do ministry”It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, how well educated you are, or even whether you’re outgoing or painfully shy. Some acts of ministry are completely private and some don’t require any interaction with people at all. In most cases, no special skills or training are needed.
At College Hill, we welcome and encourage you to use your gifts wherever and in whatever way you feel moved.  You can do that individually, or as part of a larger group.  We hope you’ll do both.

Some churches have committees. We have Ministering Units.

Ministering units are groups of people who share similar passions or concerns and work together to organize and lead various aspect of our collective life and mission.  You don’t even have to be a member of College Hill Church to be part of a ministering unit!
You can Learn about Ministering Units here or by choosing one from the drop-down menu under “Ministries” in the navigation panel at the top of every page.

Ordained Ministry Leadership

Some members are called to serve in ordained leadership positions as Elders or Deacons.  There are two bodies within the church that are made up of these ministry leaders.
The Session is comprised of Ruling Elders and is responsible for most of the larger decisions that affect the church as whole. The Session also oversees the work of the Ministering Units. 
The Board of Deacons is responsible for the the nurture and care of the congregation and for providing support to anyone who is in distress both within and beyond our community of faith.

In case you were wondering…

Yes, we do have a church staff. We are blessed with an team of exceptional individuals who work very hard to support the mission and vision of College Hill Church.  We invite you learn a little more about them here.