College Hill Church Deacons

The Mission of the College Hill Deacons is to minister to members and friends in need, to the sick, friendless, and those in distress – both inside and outside our faith community.  Our deacons strive to be shepherds to the flock.

Deacons assist with funerals and memorials and coordinate a dinner at the church for the family of the deceased after the services.  Deacons often assist the Pastor with worship services, communion, and follow-up with first time visitors. 

The Board of Deacons maintains the Deacon’s Emergency Fund to assist members and friends who need help.  Among other responsibilities, they also provide a Thanksgiving Day meal and Christmas basket for those in need.
Please contact Pastor Young or any currently serving Deacon if you might be interested in serving as a College Hill Deacon.

Currently Serving Deacons

Did You Know…

Class of 2018
  • Nelson Stone, Sr.
  • Erika Dixon
  • Ethel Smith, Co-moderator
Class of 2019
  • Darlene Brookshire, Co-Moderator
  • Paula Drake
  • Betty Johnson
  • Mack  Lakes
Junior Deacons
  • Clark Campbell
  • Sandra Martinez
Each Deacon has a shepherding list of members to pray for and to serve as spiritual support in times of distress and celebration.  Please contact the church office at (937)278-4203 if you’d like the name of your Deacon; however, feel free to share a concern or good news with any Deacon.  All Deacons are available for prayer and smiles.