College Hill Church Deacons

The Mission of the College Hill Deacons is to minister to members and friends in need, to the sick, friendless, and those in distress – both inside and outside our faith community.  Our deacons strive to be shepherds to the flock.

Deacons assist with funerals and memorials and coordinate a dinner at the church for the family of the deceased after the services.  Deacons often assist the Pastor with worship services, communion, and follow-up with first time visitors. 

The Board of Deacons maintains the Deacon’s Emergency Fund to assist members and friends who need help.  Among other responsibilities, they also provide a Thanksgiving Day meal and Christmas basket for those in need.
Please contact Pastor Zuercher or any currently serving Deacon if you might be interested in serving as a College Hill Deacon.

Currently Serving Deacons

Did You Know…

Class of 2017
  • Lucy Brandon
Class of 2018
  • Nelson Stone
  • Erika Dixon
  • Ethel Smith, Co-moderator
Class of 2019
  • Darlene Brookshire,
  • Co-Moderator
  • Paula Drake
  • Betty Johnson
  • Mack A. Lakes
Junior Deacons
  • Jorge Herrera
Each Deacon has a shepherding list of members to pray for  and to serve as a resource for spiritual support in times of distress.  But they aren’t mind readers and they’re not perfect.  If you’re struggling with something, know that your Deacon and the entire board of Deacons care about what you’re going through. So please let any one of them know that you need support.
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Don’t know who your Deacon is?  Use the form below to shoot them a quick note so they can make sure you get connected.  Or perhaps you have a prayer request or there’s something you’re struggling with, but you feel shy about talking face to face.  You can use the form for that too!