1547 Philadelphia Drive
Dayton, OH 45406   
Phone:  (937) 278-4203
College Hill Community Church, Presbyterian USA
During the holiday season of 1943, Dr. Ray Davis, Synodical Superintendent of
the Second Synod of the United Presbyterian Church and Dr. Ronald E. Boyer,
then pastor of the First United Presbyterian Church of Dayton, first conceived
the idea of what was to become College Hill Community Church.   They
convinced a young seminarian, J. Wiley Prugh (a native Daytonian) then
completing his divinity training in the Pittsburgh-Xenia Theological Seminary,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to lead the "charge."  Prugh and a few other
enthusiastic workers began ringing doorbells in the Cornell Heights area of
Dayton Ohio.  They succeeded in garnering interest, and services began in
Fairview High School on September 10, 1944.  The first service was held at the
Philadelphia Drive campus was on April 10, 1949.

Today College Hill Community Church is a multi-cultural/ multi-ethnic
congregation.   It currently has a membership of 223.  The congregation has
sponsored families from Vietnam, Haiti and Korea.  The church is involved with
many different community groups that address the issues of poverty, justice and
empowerment.  We believe that we, "Christians," are called to ensure that the
Kingdom of God is realized on earth as it is in heaven.  
Brief History